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• 2024-06-24 •

Farrah A is Silver Champion Yearling filly

Our red lady moved liked a diva at the Bruges European Breeders show and made us so very proud. 91 points for her first show! Thank you Danisa Training Center for the fluid presentation and great care.

• 2024-05-19 •

Beautiful colt born

We are in love with this stunning baby. He is from our homebred Bellavita A and sired by Avatar AT.

• 2024-05-03 •

Congrats to Al Malik's new owner in Belgium. Hope you will give each other lots of happiness and joy!

• 2023-07-03 •

Sale of horses

We will have no choice but to sell one filly and eventually one of our mares to make room. We plan to keep Farrah A for now. Serious enquiries are welcome for Lily A, Arabella AF and/or MT Era. 

• 2023-07-02 •

BellaVita A in foat to Avatar AT

 Yesterday we had our vet over to check BellaVita A. He confirmed she is in a foal. Patience now!

• 2023-06-20 •

it's again a girl!

There is no better way to end the foaling season - again a filly and she is a cutie and grey! she
She is from Ghaly Al Hawajer and her dam is MT Era.

• 2023-06-07 •

Black colt born

Angelina A had her first foal with AT Avatar. What a good looking little boy

• 2023-05-20 •

Stunning filly again!

Our show queen Naksatra gave us again a stunning filly. This time from EKS Farajj. We are in love!

• 2023-05-15 •

 Check out our new website: dedicated to Equicoaching!

• 2023-01-14 •

Anglina A in foal to Avatar AT

 for a black June foal. We prey for yet another black filly:)

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