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• 2022-06-07 •

Badia A sold

Congratulations to Akmal Stud for purchasing this amazing filly.

• 2020-11-21 •

Badia A with Glenn Schoukens

Badia A is looking amazing with her handler Glenn. Let's hope we get some shows again!

• 2019-10-13 •

Welcome to MT Era

Arabian Farm has acquired MT Era at Schoukens Training Center auction. She has joined our farm yesterday. Pictures to come!

• 2019-06-07 •

A little princess is born!

We are in love... Thank you Naksatra for this amazing little princess! (RFI Farid * Naksatra)

• 2019-05-26 •

ASE Yameena and her Shiraz de Lafon colt have been sold.

Lucky you Sylvie! Congrats with your purchase of wonderful ASE Yameena and her adorable colt Kenzo A. I hope they will bring you as much joy and love as they have brought me. They couldn't have found a better home. Enjoy!

• 2019-03-08 •

A new colt is born

ASE Yameena has given birth to a very cute foal by Shiraz de Lafon. He has been named Kenzo A.

• 2018-09-04 •

Arabella AF is in foal to AJ Portofino for a june 2019 baby. Patience...

• 2018-09-04 •

Naksatra is Gold Belgian Champion Liberty

Our show queen Naksatra won the Gold in the liberty class last sunday at the Belgian Nationals. She floated in the air so elegantly and was so wonderful to watch. We are so proud of her! This was also her last show for a while as she is in foal to RFI Farid.

• 2018-06-17 •

Our Bellagio filly is born

At 6pm on Sunday june 17th, Shania gave birth to her 10th foal - a beautiful black filly. We are in Love!

• 2018-05-14 •

Angelina A getting trained by Tony Bauwens

Very difficult to let my favorite filly leave home. She is now getting ready for Bruges in the good hands of Tony Bauwens and Kelly Delen at Elba Training Center. Angelina A is even happy to discover and learn:)

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