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• 2018-06-17 •

Our Bellagio filly is born

At 6pm on Sunday june 17th, Shania gave birth to her 10th foal - a beautiful black filly. We are in Love!

• 2018-05-14 •

Angelina A getting trained by Tony Bauwens

Very difficult to let my favorite filly leave home. She is now getting ready for Bruges in the good hands of Tony Bauwens and Kelly Delen at Elba Training Center. Angelina A is even happy to discover and learn:)

• 2018-03-30 •

ASE Yameena checked in foal to Shiraz De Lafon

Yameena is our first mare this year to be checked in foal. Looking forward to february 2019!

• 2017-08-16 •

Jafar's Shania in foal to Bellagio RCA

It was more complicated getting the frozen semen over from the USA to Belgium than getting Shania in foal. At 19 years of age and with a small filly, we are so happy that Shania got in foal at first trial. What a mare, what a stallion and a great vet!

• 2017-08-13 •

Chadli AF 2nd place in his class (Colt 2 years) at Spa International C Show

We had a nice day at Absolut V Arabians Event - it was a good show with fair judges. Despite the fact that Arabella AF decided to relax and move the least possible for her first show and only did her stand still correctly, Chadli positioned himself 2nd place in his class (2nd show for him). Thank you so much to Elba Training Center and congrats to Marwadee Del Mar who won the class and was looking great.

• 2017-08-06 •

Our New Website!

Welcome to our new website! Took us some time but we finaly made it thanks to I will make sure to update the website regularly and don't hesitate to contact me should you want to see our farm and horses in real!

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