Badia A
Badia A

Badia A

(Naksatra x RFI Farid)
(Sold to Akmal Stud)

Mare, grey, 2019

Breeder: Arabian Farm
Owner: Arabian Farm
Sire line: RFI Farid
Dam line: Naksatra

We hoped and preyed for a filly and we got and amazing filly! Badia means unique and this is truly what she is. From day one she comes towards us and is the closest foal to humans we have ever had. Truly wonderful!


3 Times shown, 3 times Reserver Champion!
2020: 1st at Bruges Arabian Horse Event, EU Yearling Fillies
Silver Champion Yearling Filly, Bruges 2020 EU Yearling Fillies
2020: 2nd at Bruges Arabian Horse Event, EJB Yearling Fillies
Silver Champion EJB Yearling filly
2021: 1st at Belgian Nationals, Fillies 2 years old
Silver Champion Belgian Nationals Junior Females  

Naksatra Nader Al Shaqab WIN Star of Antigua
Aliaa Al Shaqab
Just Diva WH Justice
Om El Deladiva
RFI Farid RFI Maktub Altam Yshmayl
RFI Cyntilaton
RFI Fayara El Shiraz Shiraz El Jamaal
Fire Glory

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